PDO Mono Threads

Dramatically boost collagen and achieve tighter, younger looking skin

How it works

Non-surgical and TGA approved, PDO Mono Threads work by stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin in desired areas across the face and neck.

PDO threads are single, smooth short threads made from Polydioxanaone (PDO), a common dissolvable suture material. They primarily treat skin quality and are often used in combination with other cosmetic injectable treatments throughout the face, decolletage, lips and any other body area which requires tightening.

Short threads are placed under the skin via small needles encouraging fibroblast activation. Your skin will begin producing new collagen and elastin around the thread, tightening, and firming the skin.

The Improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can been seen gradually as the procedure stimulates natural collagen production. At approximately 3 months, the threads begin to dissolve. The collagen stimulation continues for up to 12 months after treatment, providing you with long-lasting effects.

We offer 2 types of short rejuvenation threads, the MONO (smooth) PDO thread and the DOUBLE (screw) PDO thread.

You can see visible results in just a single treatment with PDO Mono Threads, however maximum tension will be visible at around 8-12 weeks post treatment. Depending on your desired results and current skin health, additional treatments may be required. During your complimentary consultation with your registered nurse, we will take the time to understand your individual goals and create a treatment plan to suit you.

During Treatment, Treatments take between 30-60 minutes and the area is numbed for your comfort. The number of injections will depend on the amount of product and desired results.

After Care Treatment, the area will feel tender to touch and it’s best to avoid touching the area for at least 2 hours post-treatment for the injection sites to heal. Swelling is expected for a couple of days. Using a cool compress and taking paracetamol can help with comfort. Avoid ibuprofen as swelling is part of the healing process.

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