Lip Augmentation Melbourne

Lip Augmentation in Melbourne

Your lips are also prone to signs of ageing, reverse them and go for a plumper and softer feel with our lip augmentation in Melbourne. With our lip fillers, add the desired volume and texture to your lips and achieve that dreamy, pout-ready look.

What is a Lip Augmentation Treatment?

Lip augmentation is a dermatologist-approved cosmetic procedure that adds volume to your lips and gives you a plumper look. It is also a corrective treatment for asymmetrical lips and is effective against active signs of ageing. Today, lip augmentation is one of the most sought-after treatments, considered by celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They:

  • Are minimally invasive
  • Have no lasting side effects
  • Are permanent solutions that last for over 10 years.

With age, fine lines and wrinkles appear around your lips and create a tired look. Also, you lose the volume, resulting in thinner and poorly-shaped lips. With a lip augmentation treatment, you can reverse these signs, restore the volume, hydrate your lips and create a youthful look. Lip augmentation treatments are customised to create every client’s desired look. In general, there are three types of lip augmentation treatments, namely,

  • Fat Grafting: Fat from some part of your body is extracted, purified and injected into your lips.
  • Lip Fillers: Dermal fillers are injected into your lips or around the mouth area.
  • Lip Implants: A small incision is made on each corner of your mouth, and lip implants are inserted.
  • Lip Lift: The excess skin between your nose and upper lip is removed for a more defined look.

The Best Lip Augmentation Treatment in Melbourne

A Bonnie Lass Beauty, we are a team of experts known to administer the best lip augmentation treatments in Melbourne. We target the best results and sign up all our clients for a transformative experience. We will conduct a consultation session to understand your lip goals and customise your treatment accordingly. We will help you set realistic expectations and deliver on them with our expert treatments. We understand that getting a lip treatment can be equally scary and exciting. You might be wondering, “what if it goes wrong”. You don’t have to worry because, being experts in the field, we take such possibilities out of the picture. You connect with us, and after the treatment, you will surely end up with plumper, fuller and more natural-looking lips.

Proven Benefits of a Lip Augmentation Treatment

Are you amazed by the results of a lip augmentation treatment but are confused about whether it is the right pick for you? Cosmetic treatments are a big commitment as they can transform your look. Lip augmentation is no different; the results stand out and can uplift the overall look of your face. To help you make the right choice, here are some proven benefits of a lip augmentation treatment in Melbourne.

  • Instant Results Lip augmentation treatment delivers instant results—no more waiting weeks or months for the results to settle in. Within hours of the treatment, the results will appear, and depending on your preference, you will get the desired shape and volume.
  • Long-Lasting Solution Unlike other beauty treatments, lip augmentation is a permanent solution lasting over 10 years. While basic fillers last for three to six months, a lip augmentation offers better durability and is a better choice.
  • Fuller Lips A lip augmentation treatment is guaranteed to deliver fuller lips. Irrespective of the type of treatment you get, be it fat grafting or implants, it will add volume to your lips in a natural way.
  • Correct Asymmetrical Lips Do you think your lips are asymmetrical? If yes, a lip augmentation might be the solution you were looking for. When administered right, it will enhance the contours of your lips, add more volume wherever required and give them a more defined shape.
  • Reduce Mouth Lines and Wrinkles Lip augmentation treatment is most effective against the stubborn lines and wrinkles that appear around your lips with age. It is also a recommended treatment for “smoker’s lips. So, if you think these age lines are ruining your overall appearance, it is time for you to consider lip augmentation.
If these benefits align with your expectations, contact our experts at Bonnie Lass Beauty and get the best lip augmentation treatment in Melbourne.

Why Choose Us for Your Lip Augmentation Treatment in Melbourne?

At Bonnie Lass Beauty, we take pride in being a team that brings people’s beauty goals to life. We won’t encourage societal beauty standards but help people transform into the vision they have in mind. So, if you think fuller lips would better complement your other facial features, nothing should stop you from getting a Lip Augmentation Treatment in Melbourne.

Now, do not take these beauty treatments lightly. If not administered right, they can do more harm than good. So, trust only the best when it comes to your face and body.

  • We deliver personalised service tailored to your needs
  • For top-notch experience, we only employ minimally invasive treatments
  • Our products and treatments are TGA approved
  • We engage with the best beauty professionals in the industry
  • Our team is skilled, incensed, trained and experienced
  • We open the doors for a private and luxurious beauty experience for all our clients.
  • We will take you through the pre and post-care procedure for lasting results.

We are all that you look for in a beauty clinic. So, if you have been looking for a certified and reputed beauty clinic in Melbourne, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of a Lip Augmentation treatment depends upon the type of procedure used:

  • Lip Fillers: Six months – 1 year
  • Fat Grafting: Up to five years
  • Lip Lift: Permanent
  • Lip Implants: Permanent (can be removed at any time)

A Lip-Augmentation Treatment has no lasting side effects, but short-term ones include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Tenderness

But note that they only last a few days; if they persist, consult an expert.

While anyone can undergo a lip augmentation treatment, certain medical conditions can bring a risk factor. This includes:

  • Oral herpes (infection)
  • Facial nerve disorders (palsy)
  • Severe hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune disorders

If you have any of these conditions in your medical history, refrain from getting a lip augmentation treatment, as it can result in several complications.

You might experience mild discomfort during lip augmentation, but the treatment is painless. As a topical numbing cream or a local anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area, you will get the desired results pain-free.

You can get a lip augmentation treatment at any time, but it is most common among women over 40. You can connect with our experts at Bonnie Lass Beauty for further clarification.

A Lip Augmentation Treatment in Melbourne may cost around $650. The cost of the treatment often depends upon your expectations and requirements. Sign up with us for a consultation session and let our experts give you the best quote.

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